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The Practical Side of Prayer

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Needing some rest for your soul? God has the cure for that – Prayer.

The more reverence we have for the Word of God, the more joy we shall find in it.

Matthew Henry

Have you ever woke up one morning (or several mornings) and decided that you didn’t have time to pray? When we skip our prayer and quiet time we convey the message to God that our day has other things in it that are more important. In essence, what we are really doing is giving God a “no show.” However, in reality, there is a practical side to prayer that is for our benefit and provides an answer to how we go through our day.

 If you’ve been a Christ-follower for a while, you know about His omnipresence–God’s attribute of being everywhere at all times. It is that internal knowledge that God is always with us. So, in our mind, skipping a day here and there for prayer doesn’t seem like a big deal. Knowing that He is always available, we promise ourselves and God with I can make time for prayer tomorrow when I don’t have so much to do. I’ve done that. And perhaps you have, too.

 But stop and think a moment. Ask yourself this question: Am I taking advantage of God’s omnipresence when I don’t show up for prayer time? After all, God is never a “no show” when we call upon Him. He never sets his phone answering machine to take messages. And there’s a reason for that. Since God created us, He knows how we function, specifically, how we’ll respond to stress, unforeseen events, criticism, a downturn of circumstances, bad news, or to a crises. He knows what our day will bring. And He wants us to be empowered by the quiet time we have with Him to meet those challenges. There is a practical side to prayer time. And He doesn’t want us to miss its benefits.

Peace for My Soul

As military spouses, we have plenty to pray about. We’re concerned about how our kids will handle the upcoming move to a new duty station, another new school, or making new friends, let alone, will I find a new job, or is my marriage strong and committed to make it through the next deployment? Our heavenly Father tells us to give Him our concerns in Psalm 55:22. “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved” (nrsv). I love that verse because it says that God wants to carry our burdens. He’s asking us to trust Him. We are to trust the same strength that supports our very being to also trust Him with our burdens.1

 When we get off the hamster wheel and pray regularly He gives us something practical in return–and it’s a sweet gift. He gives us a sense of spiritual well-being. It’s that feeling based off of James 4:8 of knowing I drew close to God and He drew close to me. We connected on a spiritual level and He gave me rest (peace) for my soul. He heard my prayers and they lay tenderly in His hands. He will work them out for my ultimate good. Because of the rest and security I have from spending time in prayer, I am encouraged to move through my day with a continual Source of Peace. Now imagine meditating on God’s Word and being in God’s presence every day. Imagine the day to day stream of rest filling our hearts and imagine how much more fruitful (our actions and attitudes) we’ll be by daily delighting in God’s presence.

 May you find rest for your soul today through prayer,



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