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Does your daughter qualify for the American Legion Girls State program?

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Do you have a daughter completing her junior year of high school? Does she demonstrate an interest in government and has strong leadership skills. Is she interested in current events? Does she demonstrate high values for herself and towards others? If so, then she may be qualified to attend an American Legion Girls State program.

The Girls State program began in the late 1930’s. Its founding principal, “For God and Country” is its premise to continue in the work of honoring those who came before them and who represent patriotism and Americanism. Girls from all over the nation attend a weeklong ALA Girls State event in which they learn about the democratic process in federal government, American heritage, as well as the workings of their state government. The program is intensive in which the girls participate in a “mock” program in which they learn how to campaign in order to be elected to a particular leadership role. They stay in a dormitory on a college/university which represents their “city” in their state. Other activities for which the girls will gain valuable experience are:

  • Public speaking
  • Boost their confidence level
  • Developing of Leadership skills
  • Debate Reporting
  • Mock court system
  • Group devotions
  • Patriotic ceremonies
  • Field trips
  • Friendships for life

ALA Girls State is an exciting and action-oriented learning program. Auxiliary members also that they come alongside the young ladies to foster their budding patriotism, assist in
building their knowledge base of American government, and how to be a good stewards of their freedoms.

Scholarships are offered. Any student interested in seeking a scholarship can contact their local American Legion Auxiliary unit to find out more about the availability and qualifications of obtaining a scholarship.

The ALA Girls State will give your daughter a learning experience she won’t forget. She’ll not only come away more knowledgeable about the American heritage, but she’ll be encouraged and inspired. ALA’s goal is to provide each young lady with an important foundation that will help her reach her personal and professional aspirations.

For more information on this program in your state, contact your local American Legion Auxiliary. You can also visit as well as this website for additional information: