About Faith Steps for Military Families

Faith Steps for Military Families – Spiritual Readiness from the Psalms of Ascent explores the fifteen themes found in Psalms 120-134. Annually, as the early Israelites, also known as pilgrims, traveled by foot to Jerusalem for the festivals God instituted into their culture, they sang these psalms. Each Psalm of Ascent represented a step in their journey. Written by various authors–including king’s Hezekiah, David, and Solomon, each psalm communicates a theme, or a deep concern common in their day. These unique psalms are genuine accounts of real people who experienced life in raw form. Faith Steps for Military Families translates these relevant themes into the lives of twenty-first century military families who encounter many of the same themes as the ancient Israelites did.

Through vivid pictorial metaphors, the themes reveal:

  • a deeper understanding of God’s nature as Protector, Keeper, and the Night Watchman,
  • how God defends His people
  • hope for when life as a military family is on hold
  • trust in God during times of fear, or of the unknown,
  • understanding how God’s strength and love protects His own,
  • coping in contemptuous or hostile environments,
  • honoring God while living out the difficult military lifestyle,
  • how unity builds resiliency in the military family,
  • the danger of a complacent faith,
  • learning contentment when overwhelmed with matters too great,
  • seeking God for a downtrodden spirit,
  • discovering the link between obedience and blessings, and others

According to Friar Peter Sousa, a retired U.S. Army Reserves Chaplain, who served twenty-six years, said in an interview with The Christian Post in a 2012, “young people in the military, much like young people in civilian life, are less religious than generations before them.” Lacking a firm foundation of faith as a Christ-follower often is a contributing factor to a diminished ability to cope with the demands of the military lifestyle as well as the effects of war. Whether dealing with injuries sustained from war that are physical, or buried as unseen wounds to the soul, or the spouse of a service member learning to adapt and cope with the unique complexities of the military life, the overarching premise of faith is that it makes a significant difference in family resiliency. Like the early Israelites, military families are today’s pilgrims, always on a journey–always looking ahead to the next duty station. Faith Steps for Military Families is an invitation to journey through the Psalms of Ascent and discover biblical truths to build resiliency and spiritual readiness into your military marriage, family, and personal journey of faith.