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Resolve–A Godly Attribute

 Did you know that Daniel and his three friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were teenagers when they were taken into Babylonian captivity? Just picture four highly educated teens, strong in resolve and known for their integrity and discipline, deported to Babylon. They may even been separated from their families. King Nebuchadnezzar had a practice of taking the most valuable and wisest of people, including youth, back to Babylonia after conquering a kingdom. Daniel and his three friends were among these captives. The king’s motive for doing this was to allow the Babylonian culture to have its desired effect over time. He even changed their names believing it would help them to integrate into the Babylonian culture.

However, the parents of Daniel and his friends taught them well in their faith. They saw to it that faith, prayer, and convictions were a vital part of their lives and relationship with God. As a teen, Daniel probably never contemplated a fate that included being a captive. And he could of easily conformed to the Babylonian culture. He had favor with King Nebuchadnezzar. But Daniel was a young man strong in resolve. Resolve means to be steadfast or dedicated to a principle or belief. His life reflected devotion and dependence on God. Daniel’s spiritual foundation was based on a resilient and solid faith in a sovereign God provided him with the determination to resist the ways of the Babylonians. And who is to be recognized for this? Daniel’s parents. They not only taught him well in the faith, but trained him well enough for staying true to his convictions while a captive of the feared King Nebuchadnezzar. And God took notice.

We also live in a culture that lives in opposition with our Christian principles. Every day we’re bombarded by pressures to compromise our beliefs or convictions. If it’s hard for us, think how hard it is for our kids. It’s easier to adopt the world’s way than it is to stand for God’s way. Like Daniel, keeping our resolve to obeying God is the way to remain true to our faith. Like Daniel’s parents, is there training going on in our homes to cultivate our children’s faith well enough in case they’re confronted with something difficult they never contemplated before?  Daniel found the right arrangement of adjusting to his new Babylonian culture and keeping God’s standards. If you have a unique way of inspiring faith and teaching godly principles into the hearts of your children, please share. What is one way that you used that inspired faith in your children?

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