Navigating Troubled Waters?

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What troubled waters are you navigating through? Years ago while on a snow skiing trip with my dad, we got caught in a blizzard at the top of one of the trails at a Lake Tahoe ski resort. Because of the blinding snow, we couldn’t even see our gloved hands. Our vision was obscured and we just stood still until it passed.  In life, trials can do the same. They can obscure our reasoning and paralyze us. Thankfully, God has given us promises from His Word that help us find our way to the other side of a problem or crisis. But, He often wants something from us first.

  1. We need to be willing to wait on the Lord to instruct us. I recently heard the perfect definition for patience in waiting by Dr. Charles Stanley. Essentially, he said that being patient is the willingness to wait. So, you’d naturally conclude that impatience is the unwillingness to wait, but actually that isn’t quite the gist of it. Dr. Stanley went on to say that impatience is the inability to tolerate delays. Hands down, that is the best definition for unwillingness to wait that I’ve ever heard. When we pray and wait on God, with confidence  in Him, He will give us understanding of our situation. God sees the end from the beginning and knows all things, so He knows the path we are to take in order to get to the other side of our dilemma. We also need to be mindful that the way God will see us through is often not the same way we would take. Since His wisdom is infinite, it may be drastically different (Isaiah 55:8-9).

One of my favorite verses that I claim when I need direction is Psalm 32:8.  “I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” You can’t get it in any simpler terms. God offers to guide us with love and wisdom. Our job is to obey.

  1. God promises to show us how to use what we’ve learned from His Word to put it into practice. The Bible is like medicine–it only works when we apply it to the affected areas.1 Psalm 119:125 speaks to that. “I am your servant; give me understanding, so that I may know your decrees.” The best way to know what we are to do in a difficult situation, in addition to prayer, is to read God’s Word. This is because He often will teach us in such a way that it will reveal the relevance of Scripture so we can apply it to our situation.

     3. The Lord will Guide You as He Keeps You. Psalm 121: 5 says, “The Lord is your keeper;    the Lord is your shade at your right hand.” God tirelessly watches over those whose heart’s are His. Nothing can take His attention off of us and nothing will dissuade or prevent Him from keeping watch. In the same way, the Holy Spirit will guide our decisions by giving us spiritual promptings. But be careful, not all promptings are from God. Some can be from Satan or just from within yourself. Also, avoid taking Scripture out of context to fit your need. The best way to know whether a prompting is from God or not is to test it against Scripture. Does it agree with Scripture? If so, claim that Scripture for your situation. It is God’s promise.

            Are you trying to navigate your way through difficult seas? Find clarity and direction by using these promises so God can keep you in His channel.

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1 Bible note for Psalm 119:125, Life Application Bible (Iowa Falls, IA:, World Bible Publishers, Inc., 1989).



1 Bible note for Psalm 119:125, Life Application Bible (Iowa Falls, IA:, World Bible Publishers, Inc., 1989).

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