Prayer for Release of Contempt – Psalm 123

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Ask God into your contemptuous situation

Prayer for Release of Contempt


To You I lift up my eyes – You who are enthroned not only in heaven but also in my heart. Help me to not derive my worth based on what others say to me in verbal assaults. Remind me that my identity is in You and not in the perception of others. Protect my heart from becoming discouraged by other’s contempt. Heal the wounds I have sustained from those who desire to beat me down with disrespectful words. Provide the strength needed so that I can resist emotional defeat.

Lord, I know that You are on my side (Psalm 118:6). And You are abundant in compassion (Lamentations 3:32). Even though others have contempt for me and might want to speak ill of me or plan my demise, I am Yours, secure in Your arms of acceptance. In whatever rejection I may endure, may it serve to draw me closer to You.

Guard my heart from becoming bitter with thoughts of retaliating. Instead, give me the wisdom and guidance needed to navigate the disconcerting waters with God confidence. Uphold me with sufficient patience to wait for Your promise of relief. Amen



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One thought on “Prayer for Release of Contempt – Psalm 123

  1. John Tangatya

    I prayed your prayer about contempt which I’m facing in my life now because of my hardships and poverty I was very glad and cooled my heart. I know that all hardships and contempts i am facing are temporary. I am waiting God’s promise.


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