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Psalm 128: The Secret To A Blessed Life

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love-god-1Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways. Psalm 128:1

When the Israelites traveled to Jerusalem to partake in the annual festivals, they did so as families. As they walked, they met other families and came alongside them in their journey. In unison, they rejoiced and praised God for the blessings He bestowed upon their families. They acknowledged God in all the goodness they received. Additionally, they had reverence for the Lord. This attitude is called  fearing the Lord.  It means to hold the Lord in the highest esteem, to revere Him, to hold Him in a holy awe, or to highly respect Him. For the Christ-follower, it doesn’t mean feelings of terror and dread. Psalm 112:1-2 says, “Happy are those who fear the Lord, who greatly delight in his commandments. Their descendants will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.” It was true then and it is still true today–God blesses those who revere and honor Him in their lives. To have God’s blessings we need three things to be evident in our lives:

1. An attitude of reverence, awe, or respect for the Lord,

2. Trust in Him, His Word, and His promises, and

3. Gladly live in sweet obedience to His Word.

Is there some area of your life that could use more veneration towards God? Is living according to His ways difficult? That’s ok. God knows that in our own strength we can’t follow His commands or live according to His ways. We need his help. All we have to do is ask, believing and trusting in His promises that He will supply what we lack. Ask Him to increase your awe and respect of Him, to change your perception of the God He is. And He will do that for you. Then, as you grow in your love and devotion of Him, He works on the inside, growing your reverence, trust and desire to live according to His Word.

Choosing to do what pleases the Lord and giving Him all the glory for the fruit of your efforts produces a blessed life. Some of these blessings might come in the form of spiritual fruit to continue on in His kingdom work, or they could be in other tangible or intangible forms. In gratitude, recognize all blessings originate from His hand. Saying “thank-you” with a grateful heart will go far with God.

Choosing the fear of the Lord also establishes a good example in our military homes. Over time, our children will see the correlation between our humility and reverence before God and His blessing of the home. This isn’t to mean that blessed homes won’t experience hard trials, they do, but it does mean that God is present in the midst of those trials. Fearing the Lord is key to keeping pride from taking root. An attitude of reverence for God + sweet obedience = the ability to enjoy His blessings.

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